diversity ark

Produrre Insieme alla Natura

The purpose of the Diversity Ark Certification is to preserve or improve the balance among human kind – agriculture – nature. The path undertaken with biologists, botanists, entomologists and agronomists allows companies to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their agro-ecosystem. The information collected is then used to change, or make the best use of, the techniques and products used to obtain agricultural productions that are healthy for humans and the environment.

Accordingly, we have created a streamlined path free of unnecessary complications in order to focus on the important things: the analyses to be carried out throughout the year and the final report. Communicating and enhancing this path is our goal. Through the Diversity Ark brand, we are able to distinguish the Companies that have virtuously undertaken these studies and have obtained sufficient results to use the Certification on their products, also exploiting its communication potential.

If you are interested in the Diversity Ark Certification, contact us.

  • 01

    Membership request

    • Evaluation form
    • Request for certification to the Certifiying Body
  • 02

    Start of Field Activities – spring

    • Soil Sampling
    • Traps placing
    • Botanical survey
    • Application of the 10 Indicators 
  • 03

    Continuation of Field Activities – autumn

    • Microbiological analysis
    • Recovery and analysis of spring traps and laying of autumn traps
    • Botanical Data Processing
    • Processing and Analysis Results of the 10 indicators
  • 04

    Certification Body

    • Complete company visit
    • Analysis Control and Results
    • Issuance of the Certification
  • 05

    Diversity Ark

    • Final Report
    • Diversity Ark Mark
    • Diversity Ark Certificate
    • Training