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Produrre Insieme alla Natura


Diversity Ark is a Certification Mark created by a team of agronomists and naturalists who understood the need of farmers and agricultural companies to scientifically monitor the biodiversity of their cultivated areas. Starting from an idea in 2020 and then developed in the following years, the request for registration of the Diversity Ark Mark was forwarded in mid-2022 to the UIBM offices (Italian Patent and Trademark Office) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). In February 2023, we received notification of registration at the UIBM offices which was followed by registration at the EUIPO in March 2023. Diversity Ark is a fully recognized brand in all European Union countries.

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Thanks to decades of activities in Italy and abroad, we bring with us the experience of a team of agronomists and naturalists who collaborate with farmers and agricultural companies in order to manage production according to canons of respect and environmental sustainability. We are committed to develop tailor-made solutions for agricultural companies with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing their heritage, made up of earth, insects and plants. Over the years we have dealt with crops of various kinds both from a technical-scientific and operational point of views. This provided us with the necessary professional preparation which led us to the creation of the Diversity Ark Certification Mark.

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Scientific Committee

In March 2023, Diversity Ark created a Scientific Committee which, in addition to its primary function of advisory and supportive body to the Diversity Ark management, acts as an interface with the scientific and academic world. We have equipped ourselves with this important body by selecting its members among experts and scholars in the sector. To date, the Committee is made up of 5 professionals with many years of experience in the agricultural and agri-food sector and members of the company itself. Their presence signals and guarantees Diversity Ark’s will to provide certified companies and all interested parties with a high level of quality and professionalism, and to maintain the high standards of excellence of the Certification.

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